ARRIVALS Dec 7. - Sailed the brig Tranmere, Captain James Smith, with her Sydney cargo. Passengers Dr Evans, Dr Jeanneret, Mr. A. Morrison and J. Cole. Colonial Times 11 December 1829 And so begins this branch of Jeanneret in Australia. After practising in London till 1828, Dr Henry Jeanneret applied for a post in Australia but was recommended for a land grant in proportion to his capital under the “Land Regulations Act of 1827”. Reluctant to sell out before certain that the colonial climate would suit him, he was assured at the Colonial Office that he could visit Sydney and reserve land while he returned to England to sell his property. Confirmation of these negotiations was given by Sir George Murray in 1828 . With a letter of introduction from Sir Richard Dundas to Governor Arthur , he departed England on the brig “Tranmere” with the intention of setting up practice in either Sydney or Hobart Town. He arrived in Van Diemans Land on 12th. November 1829 from where he proceeded to Sydney, arriving in December 1829. Dr Henry Jeanneret returned to England with his family in 1851, surely disappointed after his long struggle to obtain the land grant that was promised to him in 1828 but never eventuated. His eldest son Charles Edward Jeanneret returned to Australia in 1852 aged eighteen to pursue his fortunes at the goldfields.

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