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JEANNERET, Henry, Doctor

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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
JEANNERET, Lewis Francis James 21 SEP 1775 WARREN, Sarah Johnson 09 JAN 1775

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 31 DEC 1802 The Poultry, St Mary Colechurch, London, England
Christening 22 JAN 1805 Saint Anthony, Budge Row Independant, London, England
Marriage 11 DEC 1832 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia St James
Place of Residence 1851 St Marylebone, Middlesex, England Relation to Head of House: Head
Marriage 1874 Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England
Child Baptism St Mary Colechurch, London, England
Occupation BL, LSA, MD, LRCS
Place of Residence England
Place of Residence Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Place of Residence Age: 47 Relation to Head of House: Head
Death 12 JUN 1886 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Burial Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England


Addresses:Oxford, England 1817-22
Paris, France 1823
London, England 1824
Edinburgh, Scotland 1825
London, England 1826-9
Sydney, NSW 1829-1837
Van Diemen's Land 1837 (shipping record)
Port Arthur, VDL 1838
Brisbane Street, Hobart, VDL 1840 (Colonial Times)
Flinders Island 1842-4, 1846-7
Launceston, VDL 1848-1850
London, England 1851
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England 1859 (Medical Register)

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JEANNERET, Henry, 71, Great Tich-
field-street, Portland-place, and 48, Queen's-
road, St. John's-wood, Lond. — M.D. Edin.
1825 ; L.S.A. (Licentiate of Society of Apothecaries) 1824 ;L.R.C.S.Edin. (Licentiate of Royal College of Surgeons) 1825 ; B.L.(Baccalaureate se Lettres or Bachelor of Arts)
Paris, 1822.

Before the Judge of the County Court of
Gloucestershire, holden at the Shirehall, Gloucester,
on Thursday the 20th day of June,
Henry Jeanneret, formerly of No. 15, George-street, Bryanston-square,
then of Glen Cottage, Maida-hill, Paddington,
then of No. 19, St. Petersburg-place, Bayswater,
• then of No. 19, Brompton-row, all in the county of Middlesex,
Physician and Patentee, then of Charlton Kings,
near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, then of No, 2, Grafton
Terrace, then of No. 11, York Terrace, then of No. 7,
Hewlett-street, then of No. 4, Blenheim Terrace, and late
of No, 3, Carlton-street, all in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
Physician, sued as Henry Jeaneret.


Further, the resultant Inquiry revealed the assistance provided by theAnglican catechist
Robert Clarke, who was also in some conflict with Dr Jeanneret. Therecurring historical mistake, challenged by
Reynolds, has been to assume that the Aborigines themselves wereessentially apolitical and that effective action was ultimately awhite initiated affair. In this interpretation, the Aborigines becomepawns in the white world of realpolitik as Clarke manipulatestheirgrievances for his own ends.14

Except for the period from 1839 to 1845,
Robert Clarke lived with the Tasmanian Aboriginals as catechist from1834 until his death while living at
Oyster Cove in 1850. There have been varied judgments on Clarke, bothin praise and condemnation but, as with Knopwood, they seem unfairlystrong. Some of the contemporary criticisms made of him actually mayspeak in his favour of providing, by the standards of the time, afairly flexible and culturally adaptable Gospel message with acomparatively relaxed attitude to some of the associated BritishChristian cultural practices.
Robinson complained that ‘when his eyes are open … he is an inveteratesmoker and is very uncleanly in his
person.’ Governor Denison found him ‘incapable of exercising anyproper control over the natives’.15 Jeanneret accused him of crueltreatment of the children in his care but, given the Aboriginal viewof this particular commandant, even this accusation could disguise avirtue. One boss complained to Hobart of
Clarke’s commitment to teach the Gospel first. This referred to therigorous contemporary debate throughout
British Christendom between those who believed preaching andunderstanding the Gospel must come before civilisation and culturalchange could occur and those who believed the Gospel could never beheard until primitive habits had been abandoned. Clarke had an ally inArthur and indeed among the most
prominent evangelical thinking at the time. The Colonial Secretary’sreply upheld the view of the catechist: ‘
In truth, the inculcation of the first principles of the religion … ofthe Bible, is the most effectual mode of introducing civilisation.’And there was to be no interference with him.16

One Tasmanian Aboriginal woman, Bessy Clarke, told Bonwick some yearsafter Clarke’s death that he was ‘a very good man. All theblackfellows love him.’ 17 Plomley, on the other hand, sees him as theworst of a bad bunch who ‘stands out as an incubus whose behaviour wasseriously detrimental to the welfare of all’.18

God’s Own Country?
The Anglican Church and Tasmanian Aborigines
©James Boyce 2001



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