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JEANNERET, Charles Edward

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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
JEANNERET, Henry, Doctor 31 DEC 1802 MERRETT, Harriet 1808

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 09 FEB 1834 New South Wales, or Hobart Australia
Census 1851 Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Place of Residence 1851 St Marylebone, Middlesex, England Relation to Head of House: Son
Marriage 12 JUN 1857 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia St Phillips Church
Place of Residence
Death 23 AUG 1898 Wyrallah, Richmond River, New South Wales, Australia
Burial Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia Obelisk At St. Annes Church


March 24.-William, brig, 121 tons. Lovett,
for Sydney. Passengers-Mr. Munce, Mrs. Las-
setter, Miss A. M. Lassetter, Miss Mowbray, Mr.
W. M. Inter, Mr C. E. Jeanneret, Mr. Charles
Saunderson, Mrs Saunderson and three children.
Captain Thom, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Forbes, Mr.
and Mrs. Burke and three children, and twelve in
the steerage.

72 gross tons, 44 net. Lbd: 94' x 14' x 6'1". on32274. Iron paddlesteamer built by built by Ditchburn & Mare, Blackwall London 1840-41for Parramatta Steam Co, Sydney. Shipped in frame sections andre-assembled at the Standerings by John Struth, Sydney. Whne launchedwas towed from the stocks at Sussex St into the water by the paddlesteamship 'Kangaroo', taken alongside the wharf for installation ofboilers and fittings. Held a jet condensing engine making 32horsepower and rigged as a two masted schooner. Owners - 1841Parramatta Steam Co (as Edye Manning & H H MacArthur). 1846 MacArthurwent bankrupt and his liquidator became partner. December 1852 EdyeManning sole owner. 1853 Manning, T S Mort, J & W Byrnes allco-owners. 1867 Company was reorganised as Parramatta S N Co. up until1867 was always employed on ferrying duties until superceded. Thencewas employed upon various services including towage. January 1875 C EJeanneret. 24 April 1884 sank in quicksand at Bellinger when towingthe ketch 'Emily'

42 net tones, later measured at 69 gross & 44 net tons. Lbd: Ironhulled Paddle steamship built 1853 by C J Mare & Co at Orchard Yard,London and shipped out to Sydney in sections aboard the barquentineDaniel Wheeler, arriving April 1854. Lbd: 90'4" x 14'3" x 6'9"1854re-assembled by Young & Mather, Sydney and launched August 1854.Originally rigged as a single masted schooner, possibly removed whenreassembled. Her propulsion was an oscillating steam engine of 35horsepower and she was placed successfully on the Parramatta RiverFerry run under the ownership of W Byrne & Partners, Sydney. From 1865they loosely called themselves as Parramatta River Steam Co. 1866owned by T Mort and E Manning (as Parramatta River Steam Company)maintaining service on the Parramatta. 1862 saw a brief foray into theSydney - Brisbane Waters trade. 1873 given a refit as a 2 mastedscooner with dimensions changed as 91'2" x 14'8" x 6'9". Given acoastal certificate she ventured on excursion run to Gosford andBrisbane Water. 1874 owned by F Mitchell. January 1875 owned by C EJeanneret. Services vague since this time frame, is known her hull wassheathed in wood 1875. April 1887 owned by Langley & Hogan. BeforeApril 1888 she worked as a subsided bar tug in the Nambucca Riverregion. 3rd April when partially laden with stores and timber 5 milesout from Nambucca and bound en route for the Bellinger, she sprang aleak and foundered. All lives saved

Bendigo Re-visited.β€”On Saturday. last Mr.
C. E. Jeanneret, Mayor of the Hunter district,
and an ex-member of the Sydney Legislative
Assembly, paid a hurried visit to Bendigo, on
his way to Mildura. It being 38 years since he
left the district, he was very much surprised to
see tho advancement made in the stability of
the buildings, and of the permanent character
of the district generally. While having a look
around he hit upon the spot where his tent
(which was a two-roomed one, and considered
palatial) had been pitched, and where is now
erected the residence of Mr. Alexander Bayrie.
In consequence of limited time at his disposal,
Mr. Jeanneret was unable to be, introduced to
our worthy mayor or councillors.
Bendigo Advertiser Mon 17 Nov 1890

Hunter's Hill.
DEATn of Mn. C. E. Jeanneret. β€” A
gloom was cast over this Hill upon the re
ceipt of the news that Mr. Charles
'Edward Jeanneret, J.P. and Licensing
Magistrate, had passed away at his resi
dence on the Richmond River. It is only
a few days ago, when on his death-bed
practically, that ho made his last effort to
see. his sods, who are fanning in that dis
trict. J ;;Tlie late, gentleman's real object in
life was, to sea his children tabo to the soil.
Mr.' * Jeanneret-'s early life was spent in
agriculture. On leaving the Hill on the
8th, inst., Mr.,' Jeanneret was removed in
an ambulance,' and ? many oE his intimate
friends bade him farewell at tho wharf for
the last time β€” on Wednesday. Mrs. Jean
neret and most of the family accompanied
hinv to the Richmond River; knowing that
his illness was likely to provo fatal. Ho
was-' surrounded liy his family,, and it is
consoling, to his friends at Hunter's Hill
that ho arrived at his destination to see his
sons before death took place. The deceased
gentleman if or a number of years was a
member of Parliament, and at tho timo of
his death an alderman of the City Council,
Trustee 'of All' Saint's Church, Hunter's
Hill. For many years he was proprietor
of the Parramatta Steamer Navigation Co.,
and was the original promoter of ? it, and
built . it up to its present standard, of
efficiency. At Hunter's Hill tho, early
period of his life was spent in improving
the district, and on all sidos are to be soen
tho works of his hand and mind. The
beautiful avenue of troes is principally due
to him and his care, and his chief ambition
was to improve the place of his abode where
jnost of his children were born, and tho
present beauty is in a manner due to his
energy.- In municipal life he was active
and vigorous in debate, of sound judgment
nnd practical'. Pie first entered the
Hunter's Hill Council as auditor in May
1802, and afterwards became Councillor in
1863 in February. Only ono of. tho coun
cillors thon present is now alive, and re
sides in tho borough, viz., Mr. H. C.
Brookes, the , other councillors being
Joubort, do Milhnn Brown and Clark, all
now deceased. Tho meetings were then
helcV at tho Garibaldi Hotel. In 1807 the
. present Municipalities Act was passed and
councillors were tormed aldermen, Huntor's
Hill being one of the few boroughs pre
viously incorporated. Tho- late Mr. Jean
nerot was several times Mayor, and in all
positions carried out his work with a will
and determination for tho gonoral benefit of
all. His generosity knew no bounds, iind
the poor and needy have lost a good friend.
All works of charity woro assisted by him,
and to his church he was a faithful servant.
In the midst'of a very active Parliamen
tary and public life ho always gave a regu
lar poi'tion of his time to the duties of
churchwarden. Tho residence built by him
on the Woolwich Road is ono of the
prettiest around Sydney ; tho grounds so
tastefully laid out under his diruct super
vision. On those alone the mind of the. de
ceased gentleman was imprinted. Many
pretty cottages havo been erected by him
along the f Woolwich Road. The borough
in a; sense owes its' beauty to him. He
aided nature^vhere required to lay out tho
roads and decorato the 11 ill with foliage of
all kinds in the way of ornamental trees.'
The deceased lias passed away leaving
memories' of kindness and good works in
nearly every household. The body is to bo
convoyed to his residence at Huntor's Hill
and will be interred at Ryde on Monday.

The Sydney Morning Herald Tue 31 Dec 1889
During the past week a new memorial window
has been added to those already placed in All
Saints' Church, Hunter's Hill. It is, like the
others, the work of Messrs. Lyon, Wells, and
Cottier, and is a beautiful specimen of church deco-
ration. The window is the gift of Mr. C. E. Jean-
neret, to whose liberality the church is so largely
indebted, in memory of his parents, and bears the
following inscription:- "To the glory of God, and
in memory of Henry and Harriet Jeanneret, Every
day will I bless Thee, and will praise Thy Name
for ever and ever." The four lights are respectively
filled with the figures of the four Evangelists,
while a medallion above is occupied by a represen-
tation of the Good Shepherd. Tho window over the
pulpit was appropriately chosen as the fittest position.
This is the first painted window as yet placed in the
nave of the church.

A stained-glass window to the memory
of the late Messrs. Charles Edward Jean-
neret and Henry Stanly Jeanneret, his
son, father and brother of Mr. H. C.
Jeaneret; of Wyrallah, was unveiled at
All Saints Anglican Church, Hunter's
Hill, on Sunday, the 7th inst., by Canon
Bellingham. The late Mr. Jeanneret was
a well-known figure in political circles
some years ago, having been a representa
tive of Carcoar in the Legislative As
sembly. He had been closely connected
with All Saints Church for- many years.
The figures on the window represent three
saints of the early Saxon Church-Bede,
Augustine, and Aidan.



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