Family of Ian & Cath Jeanneret

Source: Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950


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Source Title Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950
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Entries assigned to this source

SHOOBRIDGE, Sydney Ernest
GIBLIN, Charlotte
WALKER, Emily Frances Home
GIBLIN, Robert
KEELER, Arthur James
CREED, Emily Elizabeth
GIBLIN, Barbara Mary Trevor
SHOOBRIDGE, Frances Muriel
SHOOBRIDGE, Louis Manton
Shoobridge, William Ebenezer
WORTHY, Mary Ann
SHOOBRIDGE, William Ebenezer
SHOOBRIDGE, Rupert Oakley
SHOOBRIDGE, Margaret Reid
GIBLIN, Wilfred Wanostrocht
LELEAN, Charles Oswald
SHOOBRIDGE, Robert Wilkins Giblin
FYSH, Esther Kentish Charlotte
GIBLIN, Edward John Trevor
GARRETT, Mary Edith
CROUCH, Annie Rebecca
GIBLIN, Gwenllian
ARCHER, Robert William
WALCH, Frances Muriel
GIBLIN, Jessy Elizabeth
TROY, Dorothy Jean
SHOOBRIDGE, Kate Elizabeth
SHOOBRIDGE, Thomas Robert Giblin
CROMBIE, James Dry
MOORE, Annie Scott
ATKINS, Charles Norman
GIBLIN, Arthur Leslie
SHOOBRIDGE, Ruth Margaret Garrett
SHOOBRIDGE, Olive Marjorie
WESTBROOK, Edith Harriet
OZANNE, Peter Giblin
SHOOBRIDGE, Kenneth Louis
Marriage: GIBLIN, Thomas / WORTHY, Mary Ann
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, Sydney Ernest / SHOOBRIDGE, Margaret Reid
Marriage: ARCHER, Robert Victor / SHOOBRIDGE, Ruth Margaret Garrett
Marriage: GIBLIN, Edward John Trevor / SMITH, Phylis Effie Valentine
Marriage: URQHART, Colin Ernest / GIBLIN, Barbara Mary Trevor
Marriage: GIBLIN, Arthur Leslie / RALFE, Aurora Helen
Marriage: GIBLIN, Edward Owen / WESTBROOK, Edith Harriet
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, Louis Manton / LIDBETTER, Amy
Marriage: ARCHER, Robert William / TROY, Dorothy Jean
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, Rupert Oakley / WALCH, Frances Muriel
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, Robert Wilkins Giblin / ALEXANDER, Selina Corumbene
Marriage: MACKENZIE, James C T / GIBLIN, Gwenllian
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, Robert Wilkins Giblin / CROUCH, Annie Rebecca
Marriage: KEELER, Arthur James / SHOOBRIDGE, Olive Marjorie
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, Louis Manton / FYSH, Esther Kentish Charlotte
Marriage: ATKINS, Charles Norman / WALKER, Marjorie Maybelle
Marriage: GIBLIN, Wilfred Wanostrocht / MAXWELL, Muriel Gertrude
Marriage: GIBLIN, Robert / SUTHERLAND, Elizabeth
Marriage: LELEAN, Charles Oswald / SHOOBRIDGE, Edith Annie
Marriage: ATKINS, Charles James / SHOOBRIDGE, Kate Elizabeth
Marriage: ARCHER, Hendrick William / SHOOBRIDGE, Olive Marjorie
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, Thomas Robert Giblin / MOORE, Martha Annie
Marriage: CROMBIE, James Dry / GIBLIN, Gladys
Marriage: SHOOBRIDGE, William Ebenezer / MATHER, Ann Benson